HealBot addon for World of Warcraft Vanilla (1.12.1)

HealBot addon wow vanilla
HealBot addon wow vanilla

The Healbot add-on creates a customisable and clickable interface that allows healers to easily target and heal specific party or raid members with a single click. The interface can be configured to display health bars, mana bars, and debuffs for each party or raid member, allowing healers to quickly assess the situation and determine who is most in need of healing.

Healbot also includes a number of additional features designed to make healing easier and more effective. For example, it allows players to set up "heal-over-time" spells to automatically cast on party or raid members who are low on health, or to use macros to cast multiple spells with a single click.

Healbot also included features to track buffs and debuffs on party or raid members, and to display warnings when important buffs or debuffs were about to expire.


Download Healbot for Wow Vanilla (1.12.1)

  1. Download Healbot
  2. Unpack the Zip files
  3. Copy Healbot into Wow-Directory\Interface\AddOns
  4. Restart Wow

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