Enemy Cast Bar - WoW Vanilla Addon - Client 1.12.1

Enemy Cast Bar WoW Vanilla Addon
Enemy Cast Bar WoW Vanilla Addon

This add-on provides players with a visual representation of enemy cast bars, allowing them to anticipate and react to incoming spells and abilities.

Enemy Cast Bar displays a customisable cast bar above an enemy's character frame, showing the name of the ability being cast, its cast time or duration, and a visual indicator of its progress. This information is valuable for players who wish to interrupt or counter enemy spellcasting or time their defensive abilities effectively.


Download Enemy Cast Bar for Wow Vanilla (1.12.1)

  1. Download Enemy Cast Bar
  2. Unpack the Zip files
  3. Copy Enemy Cast Bar into Wow-Directory\Interface\AddOns
  4. Restart Wow

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