X-Perl WoW Vanilla Addon

X-Perl WoW Vanilla Addon
X-Perl WoW Vanilla Addon

X-Perl offers a number of features and improvements to the standard unit frames, including

Improved Health Bars: X-Perl provides more visual information about health and mana bars, such as numerical values, percentages, and graphical indicators. It can also display additional details such as buffs, debuffs, and crowd control effects on the target frame.

Improved Unit Frame Layout: The addon offers customizable layouts for player, target, party, and raid frames. You can resize, reposition, and configure the appearance of these frames to your liking.

Class-specific features: X-Perl includes class-specific features such as indicators for class resources (e.g. combo points, mana orbs for mana users, etc.) and customized visuals for abilities or procs unique to certain classes.

Threat Indicators: The addon provides visual indicators to help players monitor their threat and aggro status. This can be especially useful for tanks or DPS players who need to manage threat generation during encounters.

Additional Information: X-Perl also offers optional features such as target of target (ToT) frames, cast bars, party member target frames, customizable buffs and debuffs, and more.


Download X-Perlfor Wow Vanilla (1.12.1)

  1. Download X-Perl
  2. Unpack the Zip files
  3. Copy X-Perl into Wow-Directory\Interface\AddOns
  4. Restart Wow

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