Fishing in World of Warcraft Hardcore - insanely good profession!

Wow Hardcore Char and Fishing
Wow Hardcore Char and Fishing

Fishing in WoW Hardcore is not only one of the most relaxing professions in WoW Classic, but also one of the most useful. With fishing, you can not only produce food and buffs, but also fish for items you can't otherwise get your hands on. And you can do this with almost no risk of losing your hardcore character.
You can even fish for better equipment. In this guide, we'll show you how to achieve all that.

You can find out how to get your fishing to 1-300 in this guide.



Getting Items for your Hardcore Wow Char with Fishing.

Especially in Hardcore it is difficult to get certain items.
However, you can find very useful items in wreckage.

You can find wreckage in Rachet, in the Stranglethorn Valley at the coast and in Tanaris at the sea and in the Stonetalon Mountains in the small lake.
The items you get depend on your level.
Items that you can catch include
Green items of all kinds
Light leather, medium leather
All kinds of gems
Bales of linen cloth, bales of wool cloth, bales of silk cloth

As you may already see, these are all perfect for engineers, for example, to make glasses. But there are also a few useful things for other professions.
Especially the fact that you can also fish for green items is a great feature for all hardcore characters.


Use fishing to make buff food for your hardcore char.

As mentioned above, you can use fishing and cooking to produce food and buff food for your hardcore char. Buffs are for example mana regeneration or agility. You can also produce a large amount of food, which is very easy on your wallet in the long run.
You can find the recipes right next to some fishing instructors and at some cooking trainers.



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