World of Warcraft Classic Fishing Guide 1-300

How to level Fishing Fast
How to level Fishing Fast

Fishing is not only one of the most relaxing professions in WoW Classic, but also one of the most useful. Fishing belongs to the secondary professions, which means that you can learn fishing in addition to your main professions. And all you need is a fishing rod and some time. In Wow Classic Hardcore this profession is almost indispensable.

In this guide we will show you how to level your fishing skill from 1-300. But also where you can fish for special items and how you can get lots of gold and buffs on the side.


Learn to fish and equip yourself

To start your fishing trip visit the fishing trainer. You can find the fishing trainer in all the capitals and also outside in many places. In the capital you can ask a guard where you can find one.


Wow Stromwind Fishing Trainer


Ogrimma Fishing Trainer


You will also need:
A fishing rod: You can buy this right next to the fishing trainer. (If you have the silver you a fishing rod with +5 skills is on offer buy this directly with even if you can not use it yet).
Also you should buy 10-20 of Shiny Bauble.

Wow fishing skills 1-50

Now you can start your fishing tour in Durotar or in the forest of Elwynn.
Keep fishing until you reach skill 50. And make sure that you always have your bait active on your fishing rod.
When you reach skill 50, go to the fishing trainer. And buy new lures

Fishing skill 50-125

Now go to Westfall or Wasteland and level up to 125
After that you have to go to Boot Bay and buy the fishing book form {NAME} to level up.
Alternatively you can buy the book in the AH.

WoW Fishing level 125-200

Now you can start fishing in the Stranglethorn Valley. There are not only wreckage but also Firefin Snapper School and Oily Blackmouth School which you can either use yourself or sell in the AH.

WoW Fishing skill 200-300

You can fish in the Stranglehold Valley or go to Tanaris to try your luck there.


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