WoW Classic best Lockpicking Guide 1-300

WoW Classic Lockpicking
WoW Classic Lockpicking

Unlocking treasure chests and doors and obtaining valuable loot is part of a rogue's expertise. In this article, we will delve into the art of lockpicking in WoW Classic and explore the necessary skills, tools, and strategies that will turn you into a lockpicking master.

Understanding the Skill:
Lockpicking is a unique skill available only to rogues in WoW Classic. It allows them to open locked doors, chests, and containers to gain access to hidden treasures and valuable items. As a rogue progresses in lockpicking, they will gain the ability to open more difficult locks and access increasingly rare loot.

Getting Started:
To begin your journey as a skilled lockpicker, you must first learn the lockpicking skill from a rogue trainer. The quest begins at lvl 16, and you will have a lockpicking tab in your spellbook where you can find the lockpicking ability and place it on your action bar. Once equipped, you can use Lockpicking by walking up to a locked object and right-clicking on it. You will also need a {{Thieves' Tools}}. Each time you level up your character, you can gain an additional 5 levels of lockpicking skill.

Start the Lockpicking Quest

Skill Lockpicking 1-110 (Horde)

The first quests will bring you to the Barrens/Ratchet. Start the quest and get your Thieves Tools.
Go to the ship and search for the lockboxes. After you reached the lockpicking skill 70 you can finish the quest (make sure to leave the quest item on the Birt or it will be too strong to fight it.


Lockpicking 1-110


Skill Lockpicking 1-110 (Ally)

The first Lockpicking quest will take you to Redridge Mountains. Get your quest and your Thieves' Tools and go to the {{Mill}}. Level up your lockpicking until you reach a skill level of 70. When you reach 70, you can still go to the lake. Under the water there is a Lockpick. Level up to 110 there.


Redrige Mountains lockpicking 1-110

Level Lockpicking in Neutral Skill Area


Ashenvale 70-110

Then go to the coast of Ashenvale and level your Lockpicking to 110.


Ashenvale lockpicking


Stonetalon Mountains 70-150

Stonetalon mountains lockpicking


Hillsbrad Foothills 110-150

Hillsbrad foothills lockpicking

The Wetlands 110-150

Wetlands lockpicking


Desolace 150-200


Desolace lockpicking

Swamp of Sorrows 150-200

Swamp of sorrows lockpicking

Badlands  150-200


Badlands lockpicking

Searing Gorge 200-250

Searing gorge lockpicking


Azshara 200-250

Azshara lockpicking


Tanaris 225-275

Tanaris lockpicking

Eastern Plaguelands 250-280

Eastern plaguelands lockpicking


Blackrock Depths 280-300 (Dungeon)

From 280 you can easily level you lockpicking to 300 from opening the doors in Blackrock Depths

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